今日, Vonage宣布以3.5亿美元的价格收购云端呼叫中心NewVoiceMedia。Vonage主要为企业提供云端通讯集成及其他IP服务。

Vonage表示这个收购价是NewVoiceMedia在2019年预计营收的3.8倍。但对于这家创企而言,这个市场推出的价格并不是什么天价,这家公司成立于1998年,有相关数据表明其最新的估值已达到了3.11亿美元。在两年前,这个数字更是达到了5亿美元之巨。公司的投资方包括Bessemer Venture Partners、Technology Crossover Ventures和Salesforce Ventures等。


“对NewVoiceMedia的收购让我们非常振奋,我们的战略愿景是提供一种与众不同的、完全编程化的通讯解决方案,它能带来更多有意义的客户互动,从而产生更好的商业成果。这次收购让我们距离该目标又近了一步。”公司首席执行官Alan Masarek说道。



NewVoiceMedia的首席执行官Dennis Fois将会继续负责公司的业务,目前该公司有400名员工。“Vonage和NewVoiceMedia都有一个共同的愿望,就是通过云通讯,将企业内部的员工连接起来,并针对客户和潜在客户制定个性化的交流。两者联手,我们将创造一个全球顶尖云通讯平台,带来更加丰富的体验。”Fois说道。


Today, Vonage announced the acquisition of cloud call center NewVoiceMedia at a price of 350 million US dollars. Vonage mainly provides cloud communication integration and other IP services for enterprises.

Vonage said the purchase price was 3.8 times that of NewVoiceMedia in 2019. But for the start-up, the market is not overpriced. The company was founded in 1998 and the latest valuation is $311 million. Two years ago, the figure reached $500 million. Investors include Bessemer Venture Partners, Technology Crossover Ventures and Salesforce Ventures.

On the other hand, this deal will help Vonage provide more value-added IP services. Its current services include office telephone systems, marketing automation and existing call center solutions, plus other IP services such as multi-protocol label switching. The acquisition would also allow deeper integration of the platform with other automation software such as Salesforce, allowing Vonage to sell its services to more customers.

"The acquisition of NewVoiceMedia is very exciting, and our strategic vision is to provide a unique, fully programmed communications solution that will bring more meaningful customer interaction and better business results. The acquisition has brought us closer to that goal. " CEO Alan Masarek said.

Vonage is now worth $3.2 billion on the New York Stock Exchange, and shares are up today.

Vonage claims that NewVoiceMedia is the world's largest private professional cloud call center company with more than 700 medium and large corporate customers, including Adobe and Siemens.

Dennis Fois, the chief executive of New VoiceMedia, will continue to be in charge of the company's business, which currently employs 400 people. "Vonage and NewVoiceMedia share a common desire to connect employees within the enterprise through cloud communications and develop personalized communication for customers and potential customers. Together, we will create a global top cloud communication platform to bring more experience. " Fois said.

The deal, which is expected to be completed in the fourth quarter of this year, is subject to scrutiny by formal regulators and is in line with established trading conditions.


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